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Capitalising on years of experience, in both the digital and software sectors, Code Octopus prides itself in its professional yet friendly attitude.


We don't only love technology but delivering solutions that work and stand the test of time. With a can do, what if attitude and an indomitable spirit, the sky is the limit.


We love to learn, be it from the ever-changing technology landscape to our clients and what makes their businesses tick; utilising this knowledge to provide high quality, focused and most importantly, relevant solutions.


Technology, business and in general, life is already complicated enough. At Code Octopus, we strive to make everything as easy and understandable as possible.

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our service


Technology is confusing enough as it is. At Code Octopus, we strive to give clear, no nonsense advise and consultanty.


Delivering high quality, maintainable, scalable and well documented solutions that everyone can be proud of.


Digital agency or software house that needs a little extra capacity? Look no further. We have vast experience in green and brown field projects, fitting in with other teams and most importantly delivering to deadlines.


Not the most glamorous part of development but still a critical one. Whether its minor amends, bug fixing or enhancing the system we can put together a team that suits nearly every need.

Support and Monitoring

Providing first class support and monitoring enabling you to rest easy, knowing that if the worst does happen, not only will we know, but we will be on the case.

Code, System and Site reviews

Impartial, honest and without the sales pitch review and analysis of existing or planned code, sytems or sites.

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